You know you need a coworking space when…

By January 4, 2016Coworking
You know you need a coworking space when

You may never have considered working in a coworking space before but when you’re living the freelance life, there are at least 10 reasons why booking a desk (pronto!) is the only thing that will keep you sane.

Whether you’re meeting a client or just want a valid reason for showering in the morning, you know you need a coworking space when…

1. You’ve got a client coming to meet you

2. You want an intern to think you’re the shit

3. You’re sick of your neighbour thinking you’re just home to chat all day, every day

4. You’re operating on 60kb upload speeds

5. You feel guilt-tripped into buying another round of cake and coffee so you can use the free WiFi

6. You haven’t gotten out of your pyjamas for five days

7. You start talking to the courier delivery man for an inappropriately long time

8. You check the fridge on average 3 times per hour (sometimes more)

9. You actually start to welcome housework

10. Procrastination may as well be your full-time job