What the F is coworking?

Creative Coworking | Sunshine Coast

Coworking isn’t just the latest buzz term or a flash-in-the-pan trend. In Australia alone there are an estimated 140 creative coworking spaces offering freelancers, virtual employees, bloggers, contractors and solopreneurs worldwide an antithesis to corporate culture and solution to (unproductively) working from home.

With more and more people heading down the self-employed path to success, coworking has created environments where like-minded creatives can come together, work in harmony and feed off the energy of the space and the community that’s been created.

So why cowork?

When you’re ridin’ solo, it can be hard finding a work environment that’s motivating and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg to get shit done.

Instead of:

1. Being on your lonesome at home (and fighting the battle with the fridge and that pile of washing that really should be done)
2. Renting an office space that costs you more than you make
3. Getting subtle vibes from your local cafe that they’re kinda tired of having your butt imprint on their seat

You could be:

1. Working in a productive, multi-functional space

Desks at Share-Space

Think: High-speed WiFi, boardrooms with wide-screen TVs, open spaces for workshops and yoga classes, funky interiors to inspire and get the creative juices flowing, even sneaky ping pong tables!

These are just some of the awesome features you’ll find at coworking spaces like Share Space to help you get motivated to smash that deadline.

2. Mingling with like-minded creatives and professionals

Coworking Share Space

You never know what a simple hello could lead to! The knowledge and experience of your peers + an informal setting = possibility of new opportunities, collaborations and ideas!

Coworking spaces are great not only to network and connect with others, but having valuable expertise just seats away from you comes in handy when you’re stuck on ideas and need some advice.

3. Enjoying control and freedom in your work schedule

Flexible Work | Share Space

Coworking spaces are flexible, there are no big scary contracts locking you to year-long commitments. Memberships can range from daily, weekly or monthly depending on the space, which is perfect when you’re unsure of your work schedule or suddenly get hit with an influx of work while your rellies are visiting from interstate.

And if you’re more of a digital nomad or find yourself travelling a lot for work, it’s comforting to know that coworking spaces are available all over the world! So wherever you are, you can still be productive and inspired.

4. Lapping up the Nespresso coffee and tea on tap

Tea and Coffee | Share Space

One could not possibly be productive otherwise!

Have you ever worked in a coworking space? What do you love most about it?