We’ve all been in ‘that’ meeting, struggling to stay awake and keep interested from one topic to the next. Whether you are the organiser, attending or presenting, here are some fun meeting hacks to take your meetings next level.


  1. Start at an unusual time like 8:49 am and start exactly on time
  2. Meet somewhere different or unusual, like the nearby coffee shop. Grab a takeaway and walk and talk on your way to the venue
  3. Insert a random item into the agenda to see who’s pre-read it. Like a joke or a funny / topical item to discuss (eg Should we be concerned that the printer & microwave are spying on us?)
  4. Before the meeting starts give everyone a key word that they have to seamlessly incorporate into the meeting. Like ‘pineapple’ or ‘konnichiwa’, give a penalty for anyone who didn’t do it and reward the most creative reference of the day.
  5. Cover your most important items first, then take a break and do some creative brainstorming.
  6. Playing a fast rotating game of ping pong is a winner for waking up the grey matter!
  7. Ask attendees to share their best ‘doodle art’ that they have created during the meeting (keep it clean guys!)
  8. Give everyone a sheet of mandala colouring in designs and pencils and schedule in some creative time in small bites during the day.
  9. After lunch get an attendee to do a short presentation on something they are passionate about.
  10. Bring some lego for attendees to construct and create during the meeting. Busy hands help busy minds.
  11. Have a bake off. Ask attendees to bake something and bring it along for the morning and afternoon breaks. Yummy treats + a prize for the best baker = everyone wins!
  12. Bring in an exercise bike for people to jump on when they are feeling flat and need a quick burst of energy.
  13. Add a secret image onto each page of your presentation to see if attendees pick up on it. Just like they do in kids book where a mouse will appear on each page but in a different sneaky spot and is not part of the story.  Note: this is possibly more amusing for the presenter than anyone else.
  14. Finish right on time but end on a positive note with something special for everyone, or one person in particular. Eg branded stationary item for everyone or a massage voucher for a high achiever (pick me, pick me!)
  15. Take everyone out for a drink afterwards – Yas, beeeeer!

Share with us some of your best meeting ideas on how you have fun getting your team involved!

Like some more help on fun ideas for your next meeting? Drop us a line at hello@sharespace.biz and let’s talk.  We’ve got a creative meeting space right here and plenty of ideas to share.

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