11 more inspirational books you need to get your eyes on

By November 25, 2016Inspiration
11 more inspirational books you need to get your eyes on

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Dr Seuss.

And that’s exactly why people enter into this wonderful world of words – to lose themselves, to find themselves, to know things, to be inspired.

In part two of our favourite inspirational books (don’t forget to gobble up these 10 books in part one), we’ve kept the ball rollin’ on those special reads which have hit the Share Space crew right in the feels to give a new sense of direction and purpose – both personally and professionally.

Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block, looking to unearth your inner artist, or seeking advice and encouragement to finally take the leap on that biz idea that’s been brewing inside, these 11 books might just have the answers (and direction) you’ve been searching for.

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson


Challenging the stock-standard foundations of doing business, you won’t find any sprinkle-dust magic formulas in Rework, but simple, straightforward and punchy takeaways to change your way of thinking and ultimately set you on a path of working smarter. Plus it’s super-easy reading, which, when it comes to biz-focused books, is a god-send.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way

If you’ve ever thought you weren’t creative – or you’ve found it hard to summon or unblock your creative talents – then prepare to have your life changed by The Artist’s Way. Now this book ain’t for those who aren’t willing to put in the work to better themselves. Taking on a more textbook approach, it provides a 12-week course to guide you through the process of recovering your creative self: an enlightening chapter each week plus thoughtful tasks digging deep to uncover and nurture your inner artist.

And if you take it seriously, you’ll be surprised at how much it actually works.

Daring and Disruptive by Lisa Messenger

Daring and Disruptive

Ah Lisa Messenger… you’d be a fool not to talk on advice from this Aussie entrepreneurial guru. Her one of many best-sellers, Daring and Disruptive, hones in particularly on the roller-coaster ride of being (and succeeding) as an entrepreneur in today’s world. Sharing her journey, she’s honest and insightful, blending with it important and instructive lessons she learned along the way to encourage you to dig deep, stay on purpose, and be true to your ideas even in challenging times.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

The 4-hour workweek

Sounds impossible, right?! But if you’re feeling trapped or frankly just effin’ over your current 9-to-5 work sitch, then prepare for Tim Ferriss to 180 your biz compass. Acting as a blueprint for the life you’ve always dreamed of, The 4-Hour Workweek is a collection of precise and practical principles to create total freedom of time and place. Yep, read it to believe it, folks.

Now, Discover your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton

Now Discover Your Strengths

Prepare for a revolution; the strengths revolution. In their book Now, Discover your Strengths, Buckingham and Clifton take a unique approach to business, one that focuses primarily on enhancing people’s strengths rather than eliminating their weaknesses. Using an online personality test called StrengthsFinder to determine your five strongest “themes” of character, this book acts as a useful guide to discovering who you are, what you’re good at and how best to apply it in business and life.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau


What will you learn from The $100 Startup? Well apart from makin’ some mula, that opportunity is everywhere and inventing your own livelihood doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. BOOM. In this book, Gillebeau shares useful and practical insights – paired with relevant case studies of those who’ve achieved success, freedom and happiness in both their biz and personal lives – by pairing what you’re passionate or skilled at it with its usefulness to others.

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

The Fire Starter Sessions

Not a literal fire, of course, but a raging fire of the soul. Prepare for some straight-up talk here, yo. Firm but inspirational as hell, LaPorte is serving a shake-up in attitude that will shine a guiding light to help you uncover what your greatest assets are and how to make the damn most of them. Basically, sentiments after reading this book are generally akin to feeling like you’ve got ants in your pants and you’re bursting with energy to start putting sh*t into action.

Linchpin by Seth Godin


No surprise here that we’ve included another read by best-seller and entrepreneurial king Seth Godin. You might be wondering what is a Linchpin? As Godin explains, they don’t fit in with management or labor teams; they are a third breed of working people that delight and challenge their customers and peers, throwing the rule book out the window and refusing to comply with the mediocre system. But most importantly, they love their work and pour their best selves into it, turning each day into a kind of art.

And here he challenges you to do the same – so, are you ready to commit to your life’s best work?

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Steal like an artist

Captivating in both concept and graphic visual presentation (seriously, the book is so easy and fun to read!), Steal Like An Artist is an inspiring guide to discovering your creativity in this digital age. Not actually condoning plagiarism or stealing of any kind like the title may have you believe, Kleon shares 10 simple and well, plain realistic, hit-the-nail-on-the-head notions and ideas to encourage and cultivate more creativity in your life.

L’art de la Simplicité: How to live more with less by Dominique Loreau

L'art de la Simplicité: How to live more with less by Dominique Loreau

If you’re a fan of The Minimalists, then you’re going to gobble up L’art de la Simplicit in a jif. After living in Japan for many years, Dominique Loreau discovered the beauty of a life lived through the art of simplicity. In her ground-breaking book (which went off the charts in her native France and is now available in English for the first time), she challenges you to embrace this notion in all areas of your existence, from the material to the spiritual, and discover a life of clarity, true centered-ness and satisfaction.

Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

Bird by Bird

If writer’s block has got you down in the dumps, do yourself a favour and read Bird by Bird. This practical yet profound step-by-step guide on how to write and manage the writer’s life cuts through the fluff to give you a timeless resource that you can keep coming back to when you need put your pen/keyboard where your mouth is.  

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